There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to mental health and few conversations that focus on the topic itself. Faline believes in the benefits of hearing first hand stories from people who have personally struggled with their mental wellbeing, hence the development of podcast idea. The stories may help lead to more concrete insights relating to mental health issues that are backed by experiences. Being able to understand all sides of a story will also enable us to learn, realize, and adapt. Having these discussions with different community members can open new doors to thoughts that may not have been considered before.

The aim of every episode is to help educate and shine light upon modern day problems that often impacts one’s mental health.*┬áThe podcast will be split into three “seasons” that will highlight different target groups:

  • Peer to Peer
  • School Administration & Education Systems
  • Parent Guardians & Home Environment

* The conversations shared in Mindful Minutes are facilitated by community members with guests who share their real-life experiences and does not represent professional advice.

To create a podcast that can act as an educational resource relevant to all age groups, advocates for continuing conversations of mental health, and lessens the stigma around it.

We invite you to tune into Mindful Minutes, reflect on your life experiences, and enjoy the conversations of what the community as a whole can do to better support mental health.

Mindful Minutes is a podcast initiated as a Gold Award Project in partnership with Viet-CARE by Girl Scout Faline Le. We are honored for this opportunity to elevate youth-led voices on mental health topics and are committed to continuing Faline’s vision.